Thursday, August 16

You Follow Me

Do pick up You Follow Me, an excellent collaboration between Nina Nastasia and Jim White, just released in the U.S. on Fat Cat. The duo perform haunting and direct songs that capture the beautiful interplay when incredible musicians just get it.

Nina's voice is crushingly versatile, hitting on elegance, ice, kindness and strength, while White (of Australian instrumental group The Dirty Three) provides expressive and intricate drumming. This affair is purely acoustic (with Nina on guitar), and the overall feel of the record is very much "living"-- many of the pains and subtleties of real life are here. Producer Steve "Fuck Digital" Albini had a lot to do with this, but I think the songs achieve this sort of gravity on their own. I want to crank this up in a cabin by a lake and strum along...(on repeat, of course!)

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