Wednesday, August 29

Live: Beastie Boys @ The Greek Theatre - 8/19/07

The Lady Doc, me, and a bunch of physicians caught The Beastie Boys at The Greek Theatre recently. Let me tell you: it was one crazy night, especially for a Sunday. Everyone was in full-on party mode, particularly the band. And what a band it was. The ever-faithful Beasties were on the mics, as well as guitar and bass--they did start as a punk band, after all--and they were backed by Mix Master Mike on the decks (see "MMM" DJ station in the pics), Money Mark on keys, and two Latin/jazz percussionists.

This ensemble proceeded to run through new material and classic Beastie tracks with enough vigor and sincerity to keep the crowd bumpin' for the whole show. It was clear that these guys love and appreciate what they do. Here's hoping that they continue to kick out the jamz for many more years to come.

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Jennifer said...

I don't remember you telling me that you saw the Beastie Boys. Jerk times 2. Once for not telling me and twice for seeing them.