Monday, May 18


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Tuesday, May 12

News: Super Furry Animals Announce Prototype "Festyval Wynd" Effects Pedal

In celebration of the release of their latest LP Dark Days, Light Years, prolific Welsh psych-pop-rockers Super Furry Animals have released a film documenting the making of their ninth studio album. The documentary touches on inspirations, the recording process, and the challenges attendant to capturing the "enormity" of the band's sound. The solution? A new technology in the form of an effects pedal dubbed "Festyval Wynd" that turns "your crystal clear studio sound into a shit muddy festival experience."

The pedal is intended to replicate the effect of various blends of wind, festival location and drugs. Frontman Gruff Rhys discusses some of the best and worst settings, which include "Natural Disaster", "Coachella", and "MDMA". Apparently the band plans on using it inside clubs to create a drug-induced doppler effect without actually being high at a festival in Brazil. Available soon for $90.

The fun starts at the 12'00" mark. Listen for the great message about how taking drugs and making music do not a good pair make ("Elton John churning out middle of the road crap").

Thursday, May 7

Show Alert: The Little Ones @ Revel With A Cause - 5/9/09

Catch LA's own purveyors of dancing cartoon animal indie pop this Saturday at Santa Monica's Revel With A Cause Festival. The festival takes place from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm in Clover Park, with The Little Ones taking the stage at 5:00 pm. And it's free!