Wednesday, August 22

Sunset Junction Street Fair: 8/18/07

On Saturday, I attended Day One of the Sunset Junction Street Fair with The Lady Doc and Michigan Bill. Performing that day were many acts, but I came primarily to see Blonde Redhead, Autolux, and Sea Wolf.

After taking a relatively convenient shuttle bus from parking to the "fairgrounds," we eventually fumbled our way to the will call entrance, without the help of multiple clueless employees. Anyway, the first act we caught was Sea Wolf (pictured above). It was a nice show, actually a little more lively than their EP, which I guess is good because this was a live concert, after all. The cello and vocals sounded especially nice.

We then explored the rest of the grounds. The whole venue is essentially a v-shaped intersection with a stage at each of the three points of the "v." We were able to catch a snippet of Breakestra's funktified set at the next stage we ran into.

A species of the native Los Angeles flora.

I was particularly excited to see Autolux, as their LP Future Perfect has been part of my regular work rotation for months. They turned in a pretty decent performance but were a little looser than I had expected. Nonetheless, they played most of their hits. Check out that craptastic photo above.

The final act we caught was Blonde Redhead. Holy shit was it packed. We didn't get close enough to take a good picture, but were able to stake out a decent-sounding spot after we got away from the foot-travel arteries that naturally form in large crowds. Blonde Redhead sounded as elegant and detailed as they usually do--I just love their dynamics. From what I've heard, they probably gave the best performance of the day.

We didn't stick around for Ben Harper but opted to catch an easy shuttle back to our car. Pretty good for $15. Tons more pictures here. Fun related stuff here.

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