Tuesday, May 8

Lux Aeterna

The Lady Doc and I went to the Griffith Observatory last Friday as part of an awesome night out. The Griffith, publicly opened on May 14, 1935, recently reopened after a four-year, $93M renovation. It is a must-see LA attraction, hands down. They have implemented a good reservations-based shuttle system that virtually eliminates traffic to the observatory. The result is a peaceful vantage point overlooking the city with one of the coolest shows in all of LA.

What can I say? The concepts presented in the planetarium show--fundamental questions of astronomy and being--just blew my mind. I know I've heard them before but it was a powerful presentation about topics that will never bore me.

Be sure to find the portrait of Griffith J. Griffith when visiting.

More pics:

Post-planetarium dinner at Magnolia, a loud, recommended eatery open until 3Am. Fantastic fish entrees and vanilla crème brûlée.

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