Monday, May 14

An Announcement To Answer

Quantic (aka Will Holland) is a Brighton-based DJ/producer/cratedigger, but first and foremost he is a talented multi-instrumentalist. Proficient in piano, guitar, saxophone, bass, double bass, and percussion, Mr. Holland combines these chops with an ear for diversity to create tracks that traverse geography and time. He samples some of the sounds that end up in his work, but most of the elements are entirely composed by Quantic himself.

Released in 2006 on Tru Thoughts/Ubiquity records, An Announcement To Answer is Quantic's strongest work to date. The album is under 4o minutes but this brevity is made up for by the distinct quality of each individual track.

Blending breakbeat funk, jazz, salsa, reggae, and lush strings and horns, Quantic has melted the pots of many genres to great effect. Contributions by vocalist Noelle Scaggs and MC Ohmega Watts balance the mostly instrumental album.

This is not amazing music, but it doesn't have to be, and more importantly, doesn't try to be. Just drop An Announcement on your turntable and prepare to dance, chill, or contemplate. But be sure to bring your International Cocktail Guide.

Bonus: Cool Hunting video of Quantic discussing his methods, performing, and digging for LPs.

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Why are you so cool? You aren't really a lawyer, are you...? Not that lawyers aren't cool or anything, but your writing sounds just like a music reviewer's writing.