Monday, May 7

Coachella Wrap-Up

In case you didn't know, I attended The Coachella Valley Arts & Music festival during the end of April. We had a squadron of eight Coachies from as far as NYC and KC and we comfortably overtook a villa at a nearby, highly-recommended resort.

The festival was, as I had hoped, phenomenal. One of the things about Coachella is that because there are so many acts from which to choose (100+), you inevitably miss some wonderful performances because you are already seeing so many other wonderful performances.

Highlights from the weekend included Bjork, Jesus and Mary Chain, Interpol, Arcade Fire, The Rapture, Andrew Bird, and LCD Soundsystem. Blonde Redhead provided wonderful recuperation music between AF and LCD. We also randomly caught the funtabulous Teddybears on Sunday along with 90s faves The Lemonheads.

But like I said, I look at who I missed--Explosions In the Sky, Hot Chip, !!!, among many others--and remember that this truly is a summit of incredible musical talent.

I just wish they held it in January when the high in Indio is 71 and not 99 like in April...


Kevin said...

Thanks for putting this on the blogosphere!

Jennifer said...

YES!!!!!!!!! It was AWESOME. Coachella 2008, baby.