Wednesday, May 30

Jinpachi: Best. Sushi. Ever.

The Lady Doc and I had date night last week at Jinpachi, a sushi restaurant in West Hollywood. Now I've had my fair share of sushi over the years, and have actually been to Jinpachi once before with our friend Eric, but this meal was unbelievably scrumptious.

The edamame was great and our ginger-dressing salad was excellent, but the main event at Jinpachi is found at the sushi bar.

From what I can remember, our meal included cut rolls of spicy tuna, toro scallion, and shrimp tempura. As for nigiri, we had yellowtail (hamachi), sockeye salmon (sake), fresh water eel (unagi), and giant scallop (hotategai). (The sake and hotategai were specials.)

I cannot imagine any of the sushi being better than it was that night. Every piece just had an extra "something" that knocked this sushi to the next level. The quality of each selection was to such a degree that a better epicurean experience is simply unrealistic. (And I'm not referring to atomic materialism, if anyone was wondering.) If that's not enough, they also offer desserts from a Spago-trained pastry chef.

If you live in LA, there's no excuse for not going. If you live within 75 miles of La Cienega & Santa Monica Blvd., make it a Jinpachi daytrip. If you live any further--let me know and you can crash at my place for, you guessed it, JINPACHI WEEKEND!

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