Tuesday, July 31

Live: The Rapture

The Lady Doc and I danced our assess off last week at one of two performances by The Rapture at The Mayan Theater. Despite being an annoyingly 18+ show--rugrats with no manners, respect, or appreciation abounded--The Rapture dished out old and new hits with as much passion as ever. The set was very good, although I would have changed the order a bit--"Sister Savior" should never be one of the first songs played. But I'll take "Olio" as a closer any day.

A few notes: (1) I don't know if the band trucked that ginormous mirror ball from NYC, or if it's a Mayan perk. That thing was huge. (2) Gabriel Andruzzi (maniacal cowbell engineer/chaosax man) got a haircut which you can kind of see on the left in two of the photos. (3) There were two distinct moshing episodes during the show! Where were we, in the midwest at a Bush concert in 1995?

Go here for pics from the night before.

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