Wednesday, July 4

It's a Bit Complicated

I've got to hand it to Art Brut. I ate up their first record--Bang Bang Rock and Roll--like a plate of yams with extra syrup. The strength of that catchy, comical record placed it high on my personal top-ten list for 2005. But the untested durability of their whole shtick worried me that I had ranked them a little too high...*

No need to worry any longer. Art Brut recently released It's a Bit Complicated, their follow-up to BBRR. It's more of the same, and--like with the latest Dungen and Explosions In The Sky records--that's a good thing.

For a domestic tour, all they have right now are two U.S. festival dates--Bumbershoot and Monolith. Hopefully a nice club circuit is in store.

Photo by Rhiannan Sullivan of 'Sup Magazine.
*I realize I'm opening up a serious can of worms by asserting that longevity has anything to do with an artist's ranking on a year-in-review best-of list. Look for a more in-depth exploration of this topic in a future post.


Jennifer said...

"like a plate of yams with extra syrup". Yummy! You're awesome.

Jonathon David said...

If anyone can name the reference quoted in the above comment, you win...well...nothing. But at least you win!

Jennifer said...

I had to look it up, but I found it. I won't ruin it for others. That's awesome. I thought you were referring to mom's yams from Thanksgiving. mmmmmmm...