Wednesday, October 10

In Rainbows

Ok, gang! Radiohead's (as of now) download-only In Rainbows drops today. So far I have it on my laptop, a CD in my car, my computer at work, and in my Gmail. Nice. I haven't gotten even halfway through it yet but it's, well, RADIOHEAD!

Some people are bitching about the sound quality (160kbps) and I agree there is something left to be desired. However, that's a minor quip given the fact that THIS IS A NEW RADIOHEAD RECORD and it came straight to us from them. I don't think Parlophone or Capitol ever gave them much trouble regarding their releases, but there's just something special about getting the music free of any filters, waiting, hype, delays, etc. It's simply so refreshing to hear Thom and Co. with ten new, solid recordings.

So go get it and enjoy another release from the greatest group there ever was or will be. And for a nearly absurd play-by-play of In Rainbows, check out the fanboys' guide at PF.

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