Tuesday, July 13

SSM Spotlight: The Caves and Nathan W. McKee

The Caves are a "post-indie" band from Kansas City that weave mellow semi-acoustic tunes about growth, decay, and deceit. Bassist/Producer/Engineer David Gaumé is an old friend of SSM. The band is rounded out by Andrew Ashby (Guitar, Voice), Elizabeth Bohannon (Keys, Percussion, Voice) and Jake Cardwell (Drums, Percussion). A highly recommended EP has just been completed. Head on over to their Myspace for some sample tracks. For KC-area listeners and internet seekers, you can catch them live on 96.5 on Wednesday, July 14, 2010 (about 9:00 a.m. CST).

The Shadowbox #1- The Caves from Gnarly Enterprises on Vimeo.

Also happening this week is a free EP from Nathan W. McKee. The release is entitled For Leanne Marshall's Runway and compiles the tracks McKee composed for her shows. This work is a densely electronic affair, reminiscent of Four Tet and about half of TNT. McKee's next release apparently features vocals (but whose vocals is unclear). Download the EP here.

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