Thursday, April 10

This Week's Recommended Music: Foals, Cut Copy

That's what I get for not confirming domestic release dates before heading to Amoeba.

I dropped by the Sunset Boulevard record store on Sunday to explore a slew of British acts, but came away with several alternative, domestic releases due to my blind assumption that everything is already at Amoeba. Anyway, Foals (shown live at SXSW, above) was one of these U.K. acts. Turns out their debut LP Antidotes was released in the U.S. on Tuesday.

Now, Pitchfork be damned. Antidotes is a tight, sleek record for fans of twinkling, stylish, post-post-punk music, all held together by clockwork tempos, metronome-tight grooves, and great vocal interplay. Some of the guitar work reminds me of Minus the Bear, but the key to this release is how exciting nearly every track is. Catch them for $10 (pre-fees) at The Troubadour on May 24.

Also out this week is In Ghost Colours, the follow-up to Cut Copy's excellent debut Bright Like Neon Love. Hitting #1 on the Australian ARIA Albums Chart, fans and newbies alike are in for a fifteen-track collection of Tim Goldsworthy-produced electroclash indietronica. It's all here: pop sensibilities, laser-guided production, hooks galore, dance roots, and, of course, neon 3D Wayfarers. On tour in April with Black Kids, as well as a Coachella stop.

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